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Operation BBQ Relief Gets Ready to Deploy

Thursday, September 13, 2018

From Stan Hays, Operation BBQ Relief

Good Morning Everyone!

Thank you for the tremendous support via email, text, and social media. I want to give you a quick update.

We are pre-positioned in the Charlotte area with Boss Hog, refrigerated box truck, a refrigerated semi truck with meat, a semi truck with non-perishable food and supplies, additional large capacity generators, and several more smoker trailers. Our strike team is ready to move in when it’s determined by officials to be safe.

We anticipate Florence to cause disastrous flooding up and down the coast from the impact area, and stalling out along that area for days. We have scouted several different deployment sites along the coast and inland near large populations.

Once our primary location is set up and running we will determine if there is a need for a secondary location, or other needs. Our primary location is set up with equipment, food, and manpower so we can quickly ramp up to 25,000 plus meals.

We are working on attaining a list of additional needs once we are on the ground.

We will be sharing information and updates in the coming days. Please share our social media if possible. I will do another update on Saturday.

Much Respect,

Stan Hays
CEO and Co-Founder
(816) 876-9019

Will Cleaver
CFO/COO and Co-Founder
(913) 226-6972

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