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Hearth & Home August 2019

Membership (in HPBA) Has Its Privileges

There is one organization that is fighting for the entire industry and that is HPBA. We work hard to represent your interests in the government and to promote your products to the consumers. We provide the best opportunity to showcase the latest products if you make them and to see them if you sell them! We do everything we can to help your business succeed. For full information about the benefits of an HPBA membership and to learn how to join, go to:

Save Money on Everyday Activities

Any business is always on the lookout for the opportunity to save some money during their normal operations. One of the great benefits of a trade association like HPBA is that we find ways to save our members money – sometimes even enough to cover the cost of the membership.

Affinity Partners

Members receive access to a diverse set of cost saving benefits on hotels, insurance, computers, shipping, credit card processing, business coaching, technical training, and marketing that we have negotiated on their behalf. HPBA continues to consider new partners offering outstanding deals for members. For a full list of current cost saving programs, please visit:

Discounts on HPB Education Foundation and NFI certifications

Achieve your company goals by receiving discounts on education courses and NFI certifications. An educated sales force will sell more products and those certified installers will be the best in the business.

HPBExpo Access

As an HPBA member, we want HPBExpo to serve your needs. Manufacturers get discounted rates to exhibit and show off their latest products. Retailers and distributors get discounted registrations to attend and meet the manufacturers and see the newest technology and ideas.

Protecting Your Business

HPBA protects our industry. The government – whether it be in Washington, Ottawa, or a state capital – works to protect its citizens, but they don’t always go about that in the best way. We stand guard and get involved when necessary. Our voice at the table means that the true cost of regulations and laws will be shared with the regulators and legislators.

  • The Government Affairs team advocates for the industry and monitors national and regional legislation and regulations that may affect members.
  • We work with all 13 of our Affiliates to monitor activity at the state level.

Tom Pugh Government Affairs Academy

This workshop in Washington DC is a week-long event that happens every two years. This in-depth opportunity gives members intense training to acquire the skills associated with media and government relations and become informed on important issues affecting the industry. For more information, visit:

We need your voice, too! Members of Congress and the Legislative Assembly listen to their constituents. We make it easy to contact your representative via HPBA’s Advocacy Center and share your opinion on proposed laws and regulations.

Growing Your Business

Working together means a better chance to succeed. Through HPBA’s promotional activities, we encourage consumers to purchase your products and incorporate them into their every day life. Whether we are showing off the latest in fireplaces or promoting year-round grilling, we want our member products to be in every home. And through our Affiliates, we offer year-round networking opportunities to share ideas and make new connections.

  • Promote your business to consumers via HPBA’s Online Member Directory and HPBA Member Store Locator
  • Compile marketing and promotional campaigns tailored for the hearth and barbecue industry
  • Receive exclusive consumer research reports and access to vital industry information
  • Our unique Affiliate system serves each member:
    • Retailers? Join your local Affiliate and focus on the regional issues that impact your store. You also have access to HPBA’s national work to protect you.
    • Manufacturers? Strengthen your connections by expanding your company’s reach with HPBA’s 13 Affiliates. These Affiliates cover regions across the United States and Canada.
    • All members can take advantage of numerous networking opportunities within the Affiliate system.

Members who participate in our research reports will receive the completed reports to help understand industry trends, consumer use and awareness.

Keep up to date with HPBA’s monthly newsletter HotNews and NewsCast, our weekly report articles relating to the industry.

Receive complimentary discounts to HPBExpo, North America’s largest indoor-outdoor living show. Network with other businesses, industry leaders, and potential customers all week long!

Membership Checklist

Are you already a member? Thank you for supporting HPBA and the work we do. Here are a few things for you to do:

  • Make sure your profile and contact information is up to date on the website.
  • Interested in the GA Academy? Mark your calendars for July 19 – 24, 2020 and be on the lookout for more details on open registration.
  • Expo registration opens in September and the perk of being a member is the discounts on selected rates for registering. Get ready for HPBExpo 2020 in New Orleans and connect with others in the hearth, patio & barbecue industry!

The HPBA Journal is intended to provide in-depth information to the hearth and outdoor products industries. Statements of fact and opinion are the responsibility of the authors alone and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the officers, board, staff or members of the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association.

Copyright ©2019 by the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission of the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association is prohibited. Direct requests for permission to use material published in the HPBA Journal to

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