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Hearth & Home June 2017

Consumer Research to Grow
Your Barbecue Business

What makes consumers tick? It can vary greatly! Each consumer approaches looking for a grill, smoker, or accessories with a specific set of considerations customized to his or her own outdoor lifestyle. Questions asked are becoming harder and more specific, making it nearly impossible to find what you need on the fly. HPBA takes the guesswork out of Googling for answers by surveying decision-making homeowners throughout North America on their barbecue product experiences. Released by July to members, HPBA’s 2017 State of the Barbecue Market Study consisted of a 10-minute online survey of respondents reflecting the demographics of the U.S. and Canada.

To review this research is to understand the mindset and behavior of the average consumer; how many people own a grill, what types of grills they own, and when and how frequently they use their grill. But usage is only one piece. The report allows manufacturers, distributors, reps, and retailers to explore the consumer’s identity – age, types of homes, income and level. Members can use the report to create profiles of the different types of grillers in the marketplace and what their wants and needs are.

The report’s focus is on current trends and future behavior. It provides the intent in purchasing particular grills and accessories, as well as planned usage. A key segment of the barbecue industry and our membership is grills that move outside the Big Box stores and are mainly available at specialty retailers. For the first time, the 2017 report will provide a deeper look at consumers who own grills valued at more than $1,000.

Do the lifestyle and grilling habits of the high end griller differ from the general consumer? This report sheds light on that question, and will help everyone involved in selling barbecue products more accurately target products and sales approaches.

Manufacturers and retailers may position themselves as authorities on consumer behavior based on the information they receive from this report. With more information in their hands, they can develop the most effective products by type of consumer instead of resorting to an appeal to the lowest common denominator. With this information, members can adapt their presence to evolve regularly with the changing demands and behaviors of the consumer.

HPBA also provides consumer and market research for its hearth industry members. The content is similar to the barbecue report, but focuses on hearth products and indoor heating. For example, it provides details on the average consumer, different types of hearth product owners, and important factors in purchase decisions. This study is conducted in even years. HPBA members are invited to assist staff in developing the survey questions and desired report output. And remember, HPBA’s 2016 consumer research (both barbecue and hearth) is available to members when logged into

Interested in this data?

Only HPBA members who manufacture, sell, or service hearth, patio, and barbecue products have full access to the reports and the expertise of HPBA’s market research staff. Not a member? Join today to start leveraging our data for your barbecue or hearth business at

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