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Maschweg 38
Melle, 49324 Germany

Phone: +491522 26 44 162

Fax: +495422 94 41 115


Year Established: 1986

No. of Employees: 1000+

Contact: Markus Aumann - International Sales Manager

Distribution: Two-Step Distributors

Retail Channels of Distribution: Furniture Stores, HVAC Dealers, Specialty Retailers

Brands: Spartherm

Hearth Product(s):

Fireplace Inserts - Gas - Vented, Wood

Fireplaces - Gas - Vented, Wood - Certified, Wood - Exempt


Linear Kassette S 600

The Linear Kassette S 600 is a well-sealed fireplace that improves the flue’s draft and protects against sparks. Features are a large window with...

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European Hearth Trends

By Bill Sendelback

Wood burning and contemporary styling rule the hearth market in most of Europe, while pellet appliances do quite well in France and, particularly, Italy.

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The Sky's the Limit!

By Bill Sendelback

Who would have guessed, way back in the ’70s and ’80s, that some consumers would pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for a fireplace? (Answer: no one)

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Heating With Wood

By Bill Sendelback

Woodburning is not dead, but regulators sure make it difficult to keep it alive. Kudos to the 15 manufacturers highlighted on the following pages.

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Clearing Hurdles

By Bill Sendelback

Wood-burners are selling well despite the turmoil created by the EPA’s NSPS 2020; once again manufacturers display their resilience (limbo, anyone?).

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A Conversation with Markus Aumann

Thursday, August 30, 2018

This is the sixth year since Spartherm made its entry into the North American market. In that time, Markus Aumann, International Sales manager, has set up distributors and called on many retailers...

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