Reader Comments

Sharla Wagy,

General Manager of Memphis Wood Fire Grills

Bloomington, MN

Reasons for Reading Hearth & Home: “Several reasons: Pertinent articles, such as the October issue on Canadian Commerce and the challenge for American manufacturers with exchange rates; reading about my customers and friends in the industry, their stories and visions for the future, and getting current statistics on industry sales.”

Bob Zacharski,

Owner of Water 1, LLC dba Viscount Pools East

Madison Heights, MI

“I receive about 10 different trade magazines a month, and Hearth & Home tops out as the best. It really serves as a resource for outstanding products, trends and designs. It has actually given me a tremendous amount of knowledge about selling and marketing.”

Laura Litchfield,

Director of Operations of HPBA Canada

Ontario, Canada

Reasons for Reading Hearth & Home: “My favorite part is the Business Climate section. It’s interesting to hear what dealers from all over the continent have to say. I also enjoy the profiles of people and companies, especially when they are Canadian. And, as a homeowner, I love seeing the beautiful new hearth products and ideas for my imaginary Outdoor Room.”

Michael Van Buren,

Co-Owner of Blazing Design

Essex Junction, VT

Reasons for Reading Hearth & Home: “The publication keeps the industry up on trends and issues affecting all of us. Love the articles about our fellow colleagues in the market!”

Alyce Wittus,

Vice president of Wittus – Fire by Design

Pound Ridge, NY

Reasons for Reading Hearth & Home: “Hearth & Home not only gives us a good pulse and ‘perspective’ on the industry, but it gives credibility to our philosophy as well as ideas for implementing our business concepts”

Julia Chappell,

Managing director, Marketing of Merchandise Mart

Chicago, IL

Reasons for Reading Hearth & Home: “It’s a great resource for the latest news, trends and products available in the Outdoor Furnishings category. I especially like the feature articles on retailers and manufacturers.”

Dick Hoffman,

Owner of Fire House Casual Living Store

Asheville, NC

Reasons for Reading Hearth & Home“It’s the place to learn what other retailers are doing in their stores, and get an insight into what manufacturers are seeing and doing in their areas. 

“The Business Climate section with survey and sales information helps me compare with other areas of the nation and make decisions on our next adjustments or direction.”

Cherbel Yousief,

CEO & President of Sherwood Industries

Victoria, Canada

Reasons for Reading Hearth & Home: “It is the go-to magazine in our industry. I find all articles are relevant and are in sync with the current issues we face as an industry. In particular I like to read the dealers’ comments from both a Canadian and U.S. perspective. They often reflect a true pulse as to what the market mood is and what future sales look like.”

Dustin Bowman,

Manager of Bowman’s Stove & Patio

Ephrata, PA

Reasons for Reading Hearth & Home: “To keep up with what’s new in the industry. To learn from the articles written about other successful stores around the country. To see sales trends.”

Karen Elder,

Marketing Manager and Global Product Manager of SCHOTT

Louisville, KY

Reasons for Reading Hearth & Home: “The magazine was placed in my hands on my first day at SCHOTT and I was told that THIS is what I needed in order to start learning about the industry. It is still my go-to source for anything that is happening in the industry, from the day-to-day to long-term trends.”