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Lovinflame’s Innovative Fire Wins Another Global Award

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Lovinflame's Tabletop Fire Pit has won the #1 Grand Prix from the Design Tokyo Products Award and the Industrial Designers Society of America's International Design Excellence Award (IDEA), placing as Bronze in the Outdoor & Garden category. Following the two honorable mentions, the Lovinflame Tabletop Fire Pit also won Japan's Good Design Award. With innovation sparked by a core foundation in technology and design, the true excellence and value of decorative flame products are being reflected in these global recognitions.

It took a rocket scientist 10 years of research and development for the unique technology behind the flames. Thanks to the discovery, Lovinflame is setting the benchmark for innovative solutions in the Outdoor Living and Home Décor sector.

The Lovinflame Tabletop Fire Pit burns clean-burning flames, powered by their proprietary burning system and water-soluble, non-toxic fuel. Lovinflame Fuel contains no ethanol and has a high flash point of 104 ºC / 220 ºF, minimizing typical risks associated with flare-ups and spilled fuel, creating a safer fire experience for people to enjoy. 

“Due to technological innovation, we’ve achieved a breakthrough in how fire ignites and illuminates,” says Thomas Chou, the general manager of Lovinflame. “We show that we can apply science to overcome everyday problems and give people a safer experience when igniting fire.”

The Tabletop Fire Pit is freestanding with a self-cooling system, creating beautifully shaped flames that are wind-resistant and vibrant. In addition to the Tabletop Fire Pit, the Lovinflame Collection also includes the Vent-Free Fireplace, and Innovative Candles. The flames are smokeless and odorless while burning without releasing any toxic fumes. The wicks have an individual total burn time of more than 2,000 hours, allowing for sustainable re-use for years to come. 

In the fireplace and hearth industry, it is common to use ethanol fuel, liquid propane, or natural gas for fire pits and fireplaces; however, these can be quite dangerous and are more susceptible to accidents. Lovinflame’s fire pits and fireplaces are not only safer, but provide a superior user-friendly alternative given the ability to be moved anywhere without being restricted to pipelines and the fuel’s high flash point.

Aside from benefits for the consumer, Lovinflame decor can also strengthen a dealer's approach to their retail business due to the fire pits and candles being portable. Dealers can now add a new innovative product that easily complements in-store patio furniture with no extra space required. The vibrantly orange flames can be burned indoors and outdoors, attracting customers all year round during any season. Given the proprietary technology and vibrant beauty of the flames, Lovinflame products provide the ambiance and safety that consumers seek.

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