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Operation BBQ Relief – Hurricane Dorian Update for the Bahamas

Monday, September 9, 2019

Partners, Sponsors and Supporters:

Hurricane Dorian is now moved out to sea away from the U.S. Even though some areas of the Southeastern U.S. were hit hard they were fairly isolated and are being handled by local agencies. We have a few local teams that are monitoring for potentially small deployments in areas for a couple days but the good news is there was not a need for mass feeding.

With Dorian no longer wreaking havoc on the U.S. we are now focusing on helping in the Bahamas. We will be setting up a deployment to send meals to the Bahamas. We will not be doing this on the islands but from Fort Lauderdale. We are working with a group to airlift the meals to the Grand Bahamas. We are working with local organizations that have distribution capabilities on all the islands. We will ensure the organizations will be able to get the meals out within food safety guidelines. These groups will then take and distribute those meals to those in need of a hot meal across the islands. The devastation is horrific and the loss of life will continue to rise. We are working with Foreign Officials to ensure that our meals feed those areas that need it most. We will increase our capacity as more flights become available. At this time the first meals will be airlifted out on Friday Sept 13.

We will need volunteers and have posted the volunteer needs on the OBR Volunteer mobile app. This deployment will be our 1st International Relief Deployment. We appreciate your continued support as we help our neighbors in the Bahamas. Please share our FB updates as they come out.

Go to our Facebook Video for more information – Click Here.

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