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Hearth & Home July 2018

Fabrics for a New Season

By Mark Brock

There are no limits to creativity, performance, and comfort in the latest outdoor fabrics.

Once again, casual fabric designers have been hard at work for a new season, creating textiles that are more beautiful, more comfortable, and more durable than ever before. It is truly an embarrassment of riches for specialty retailers who will have virtually boundless choices when it comes to selecting casual fabrics for merchandising showrooms and encouraging consumers to lay down hard-earned cash for furniture, fabrics, and accessories.

As the industry’s leading casual furniture fabrics house, Glen Raven Custom Fabrics is launching the “Sunbrella Pure” collection that draws inspirations from nature and explores how everyday necessities can be elevated through design. For Outdura, considered the industry’s second largest provider of solution-dyed acrylic fabrics, it was fun in the backyard that inspired its latest collection, appropriately named “Pool Side Fun,” merging the whimsical with the sophisticated.

Luxury performance leader, Perennials, is featuring a return to the classics with its soothing collection, “Natural Selection,” featuring soft textures and easy-to-use patterns in a variety of new colorways. Designers at Silver State looked to the classic Hollywood film, “Roman Holiday,” for a theme that ties together its latest collection of Alaxi fabrics made with Sunbrella yarns, imagining Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn enjoying fabrics that reflect paintings and sculptures.

Tempotest Home, the Italian-based provider of solution-dyed fabrics, drew upon international inspirations with its new collection, “Bel Mondo” (Beautiful World), encompassing a color pallet inspired by nature, ranging from sundrenched vistas to cool waters. Pindler remains a style-and trend-setter for the coming season, offering fabrics with inspirations that range from nature and American history to sea life and architecture. Pindler has partnered with Sunbrella fabrics and designer Richard Frinier in some of its latest offerings.

For the 2019 season, Bella-Dura is making it even easier for specialty retailers to offer consumers expanded flexibility in fabric selections. Dozens of new options are being added to the Bella-Dura’s By The Yard Collection that features performance textiles in a variety of textures, stripes, and patterns ready to ship within 24 hours.

Phifer’s 2018-2019 Outdoor Color Collections focus on brilliant colors and classically modern patterns that appeal to today’s layered outdoor decorating style. Phifer is introducing seven new color palettes that span Phifertex, the industry leading sling fabric, and GeoBella, a fabric woven from recycled Olefin yarns.

Sunbrella Pure Inspired By Nature, Elevating the Everyday

The new “Sunbrella Pure Collection” from Glen Raven Custom Fabrics strives to create a clean, honest aesthetic by featuring designs that are inspired by nature and that will empower consumers who want to make a personal statement with their home décor.


“The fabrics that ground the Pure Collection create a natural duality with each other and dramatize the tensions found in nature between soft and hard, linear and curved, light and shadow, smooth and dimensional,” said Greg Voorhis, Design director for Glen Raven Custom Fabrics, the makers of Sunbrella fabrics. “These fabrics work equally well together or individually, presenting endless design options that build familiar, yet original spaces.”

Fabrics featured in the Sunbrella Pure collection include:

  • Essential – A beautifully textured basic that serves to ground the collection in a human element. With a defined basket weave made from combining thick and thin yarns in both directions of the cloth, this textile is reminiscent of early human artisanship.
  • Cast – This trusted basic has become a favorite, featuring a finely textured, heathered yarn that gives the fabric more depth and interest. With this collection launch, new colors of Cast have been added to expand the spectrum of available shades.
  • Simplicity – A familiar and comforting plaid design that achieves a hand-loomed quality, Simplicity uses thicker yarns and a more muted color palette to create a comforting, homespun feel.
  • Intent – A bold block stripe with a woven gradient effect, Intent uses heavier blended yarns that give the fabric an earthier, grounded quality.

Pure Collection

Blend – Coal

Blend – Honey

Blend – Indigo

Platform – Smoke

Cast – Citrus

In addition to the new Sunbrella Pure Collection, Glen Raven is forecasting continued popularity for fabrics that have a hand-loomed feel in rich earth tones and subtle neutrals. The Sunbrella design team predicts continued popularity for fabrics with these qualities, including the following examples:

  • Blend Coal and Blend Honey – Textural solid woven with mélange yarn to give color and depth with the aesthetic of heavy wool.
  • Cast Citrus – Citron, which has a color impact almost as vibrant as neon, is energetic and adds a playful pop of character that cuts through expected mid-tones. It pairs beautifully with a range of colors, especially with more muted colors such as Blend Honey.
  • Platform Smoke – A plush chenille, Platform features a gorgeous texture that mimics a sanded velvet. With its irregular, striated, two-tone effect, it evokes the natural look and feel of a mossy riverbank.

“One of the biggest trends we see today is how designers and homeowners are creating looks that forgo convention,” Voorhis said. “More personality and juxtaposition of elements are being infused into spaces by mixing patterns, colors, and scale in unconventional ways, along with a coming-together of modern and vintage elements.

“Texture is also more important than ever; tactile, simple, and humble materials are being paired alongside textiles that mimic natural, raw, weathered materials. Contrast in texture is trending toward matte fused with shiny, flat textures paired with high gloss finishes, and a mixture of natural and synthetic textures.”

Outdura Making a Big Splash with “Pool Side Fun” Collection

Outdura is making a big “splash” for 2019 with its new “Pool Side Fun” Collection. Inspired by backyard fun, the new Outdura fabrics feature motifs that are whimsical yet sophisticated, and designed to complement virtually any furniture application.

“This new collection is beautifully constructed with complex weave structures making use of our fancy novelty yarns,” said Gloria Tsocos, Design manager for Outdura. “We have paired great designs with intricate details to create one of our best collections ever. All Outdura fabrics are woven with 100% solution-dyed acrylic fibers for built-in performance suitable for any outdoor space that can easily transition to the indoors.”

The “Pool Side Fun” collection from Outdura consists of three jacquard patterns – Poppy, Spiro and Lela – along with a new body cloth, Flurry.

Poppy – Midnight

Spiro – Indigo

Lela – Ink

Flurry – Neptune

  • Poppy – This stylized botanical jacquard is sophisticated, yet playful and eye-catching. Poppy features a deeper saturation of color overall, along with an added pop of color in the center of the motif that’s created with a boucle yarn. The overall hues are sophisticated grays complemented by earth tones that pair with any furniture finish. Poppy is available in five colorways.
  • Spiro – Inspired by pinwheels found in many gardens, Spiro is constructed with clean, crisp designs using today’s most popular colors such as red, blue, black and gray. Perfect for any outdoor setting, Spiro is sure to complement outdoor garden décor. It is available in six colorways.
  • Lela – The floral pattern Lela is reminiscent of a turn-of-the-century era deep in tradition. The unique construction incorporates a novelty boucle yarn, adding a subtle all-over texture. This traditional floral pattern promises to blend wonderfully with nature in outdoor settings. Lela is available in five colorways.
  • Flurry – This unique construction incorporates a novelty boucle yarn, adding a subtle all-over texture. Flurry’s overall random texture makes it a perfect body cloth with an easy-going feel that also provides a great hand. Perfect by the pool, Flurry is available in eight colors.

“While the 2019 line has been our primary focus, we continue to support a full line of fabrics that are stocked and available via cuts,” Tsocos said.  “Our Ovation II book, which is our stock and cut program, continues to thrive in the market and we are extremely pleased with the progression of the program to date.  We continue to look at fabrics to add to our stocking program and plan to expand our offering in the fall of 2018.”

Perennials Fabrics Feature Luxury Performance in “Natural Selection”

Inspired by a return to classics and soothing neutrals, “Natural Selection” is a spring luxury performance fabric collection from Perennials, showcasing five new qualities and seven new colorways.

Natural Selection features soft textures such as the pinstripe velvet Classy, as well as easy-to-use patterns such as the dreamy cloud-scape Partly Cloudy. With new colors such as Dirty Martini and Olive, the collection is filled with earthy neutrals that will withstand the elements. Natural Selection fabrics from Perennials include:

Classy – Violet

Partly Cloudy – Twilight Zone

Go To Stripe – Melon

Wild Thing – Ebony

  • Classy – Classy is a plushy pinstripe velvet with a luscious iridescent effect due to color blending. Classy is available in nine colorways including a new color for the brand, Dirty Martini.
  • Partly Cloudly – Inspired by a cloud-scape design and aged velvet, Partly Cloudy is an understated pattern that lends an interesting edge to a variety of design styles, from contemporary to maximalist. Partly Cloudy is a perfect complement to high-traffic living spaces and is available in six exquisite colorways.
  • Go To Stripe – Go To Stripe and Wild Thing add graphic elements to the collection. Go To Stripe is a fresh take on a classic stripe in an easy-to-use scale. The resilient performance fabric features a subtle texture to add visual interest, and is available in 12 colorways, including trend-friendly Olive.
  • Wild Thing – Wild Thing is a twist on animal print that adds exotic flair to the ageless collection. Wild Thing is available in the zebra-inspired Ebony colorway, and is ideal for upholstery use in modern designs.

“The core of Perennials is our performance technology – our ability to uphold our promises of stain-resistance, UV resistance and fade resistance while designing beautiful fabrics,” says Ann Sutherland, president of Perennials and Sutherland, LLC. “We always aim to marry our performance features with the luxury styles that designers seek out so that they never have to compromise their aesthetic when working with our fabrics.”

Romantic Comedy Inspires Silver State Fabrics Collection

When it comes to design inspirations, great new ideas can come from virtually anywhere. For Manoli Sargetakis, Sales and Marketing director for Silver State, it was the 1953 romantic comedy, “Roman Holiday,” starring Gregory Peck as a reporter and Audrey Hepburn as a royal princess out to see Rome on her own.

“This classic film reminds me of the sophistication of Europe, but with a touch of whimsy and fun,” Sargetakis said. “This is exactly the tone we wanted to set for our new collection of Silver State fabrics made with Sunbrella yarns.”

The new Roman Holidays offering of Alaxi fabrics from Silver State features stylized rosettes, geometric arrangements, polished textures, and eye-catching hues. The fabrics in this collection were designed to transport people back in time to when today’s classic designs originated, but with a contemporary spin.

Roman Holidays – Watercolors – Cirrus

Roman Holidays – Stratford – Forest

Roman Holidays – Sag Harbor – Silver

Roman Holidays – Jedi – Night

Roman Holidays – Cape Town – Santorini

Roman Holidays – Penelope – Monarch

Roman Holidays – Sparkler – Flamingo

“This collection is reminiscent of a simpler time with a charming combination of the old and the new,” Sargetakis said. Headlining the collection is the pattern Watercolors, which was an existing offering that has been enhanced with new colorways, ranging from warm hues to icy tones of white, gray, and blue.

“The Watercolors pattern is as much a work of art as it is a fabric pattern,” Sargetakis said. “This pattern was created to make a statement of sophistication, providing a focal point that consumers can build upon. When someone selects Watercolors, they are saying, This is my take on sophistication; this is my expression of artistry.”

Another offering in the Roman Holidays collection that is certain to create a conversation is the pattern Corinth. The best way to describe Corinth is as a sculptural interpretation brought to life in fabric, designed to give furnishings an air of history.

“We believe that stripes are still important to outdoor décor, but with a different twist,” Sagetakis said. “We have included three new stripes in Roman Holidays – Sag Harbor, Stratford, and Carolina – which are very subtle, creating a feeling of warmth and elegance.”

Subtlety is the essence of Sag Harbor, which was inspired by shadows cast by window shutters as the sun is streaming through. Carolina takes its name from the Sunbrella mills in the Carolinas that were challenged by Silver State to create a new look in stripes, and the Carolina creation is certain not to disappoint, offering a feeling of hospitality often associated with the South.

Rounding out the Roman Holidays collection are Crave, Jedi, and Buckley. Crave is a textural solid with a modestly glossy finish to increase its impact. Jedi, named for a group of warriors in the Star Wars saga, has a modern-age feel of stars and planets. Finally, Buckley was created to meet consumer demand for fabrics with the look and feel of cotton canvas, yet with the fade resistance and durability of Sunbrella performance yarns. Buckley is envisioned as a fabric with potential in the contract market, offering 50,000 double rubs.

“When it comes to fabric trends, we see consumer preferences pointed toward textural fabrics, but subtle textures that make the fabric more interesting,” Sagetakis said. “In terms of colors, we see subtle colors, not big and splashy. One of the more interesting new color trends is how navy is becoming a neutral, joining beige and gray tones. Navy can give you the classic feel of black, but not as dark and heavy.”

Bella-Dura Offering Dozens of New Options in Cut-Yardage Fabrics

Bella-Dura will expand its popular By The Yard Collection for 2019, adding dozens of new fabrics that are available for shipping within 24 hours. This cut-yardage collection of performance textiles encompasses a variety of textures, stripes, and patterns that showcase the newest yarns and textures. With more than 230 SKUs currently in the By The Yard Collection, look for dozens more in the coming season, including these select examples:




  • Neptune – Neptune is a basket-weave texture that’s woven with Bella-Dura’s new cotton-inspired yarn. This popular yarn creates the look and feel of an organic fiber with all of the performance that you expect from the Bella-Dura brand. This versatile texture offers more surface interest than a typical plain.
  • Presto – Presto is a luxurious performance texture created through a mélange boucle yarn woven on a strie warp. This combination creates subtle movement, but the soft hand of this fabric sets it apart from other textures.
  • Alister – The Alister stripe is a combination of classic styling and artisan technique. The mirrored stripe layout is elevated by a unique heathered yarn, creating a natural-looking ground that’s accented with a stitch of cotton-inspired yarn similar in look to hand-embroidery.
  • Gibson – A truly versatile pattern, Gibson is a small-scale, geometric pattern that can be used as a decorative accent or a stylish body cloth. The scale and color of this pattern allow it to be used on larger pieces of furniture without overwhelming them.

While the addition of new fabrics headlines Bella-Dura By The Yard Collection for 2019, look for these existing By The Yard fabrics to continue capturing the attention of consumers:

  • Landfall - Landfall is a boucle strie texture that has an abstract, organic look. This fabric has a retro look and was introduced when mid-century modern made a comeback a few seasons ago. Since then it has continued to be a top selling pattern in neutral and indigo.
  • Dart - Dart is a small-scale geometric made from concentric diamonds that seem to never go out of style. Dart has the versatility to be used as a body cloth, leading to its continued popularity.
  • Pebble Beach - Pebble Beach is a versatile diamond pattern that can be used as a plain, texture, skin, or as an all over abstract pattern. Pebble Beach remains popular because it provides a base of multiple hues, making it easy to coordinate with other fabrics and frames.

Sarah Keelen, director of Design for Bella-Dura Residential, forecasts several essential trends in colors and designs for the coming season:

“This is an interesting time for color,” she says. “People have been playing it safe during the past couple of seasons but are now hungry for new hues. The majority of color direction still will be dominated by a range of neutrals and blues. Gray continues to be important as well as light- to mid-tone warm neutrals such as straw and linen. Navy, turquoise, and aqua are still top sellers. Pastels have been popular, and that trend continues, but I see pastels evolving into darker shades that retain a good deal of neutral.

“As far as design trends are concerned, plains and textures are becoming more decorative while patterns are becoming simpler. Minimalism is still king, but consumers are drawn to fabrics that have a feeling of dimension. We have developed several new textural yarns and weave structures that have been well received.”

Tempotest Home Brings International Influences to Casual Fabrics

Tempotest USA is in the ideal position to add international influences to the casual fabrics that it supports in the U.S. market. With design expertise in both Italy and the U.S., along with a finger on the pulse of specialty retailers, Tempotest Home has launched a new line called “Bel Mondo,” Italian for beautiful world.

“When it comes to fabric design today, the influences are definitely global,” said Jeff Jimison, National Sales manager for Tempotest USA, the U.S. subsidiary of Parà S.p.a., which is headquartered in Italy. “Our new collection, Bel Mondo, is an excellent example of how collaborations across the Atlantic can provide specialty retailers with fabrics that we believe will capture the attention of American consumers.”

Maestro – Moonstone

Maestro – Gulf

Murano – Moonstone

Acapella – Moonstone

Diamante – Gulf

Tempotest’s Bel Mondo collection was launched at Showtime in High Point late in 2017, representing a collaboration between noted outdoor fabric designers Karen Williams and Brenda Sewell-Bost of the design firm D2 in Burlington, North Carolina, and Filippo Uecher, creator of the Maria Flora line of performance fabrics in Italy.

The Bel Mondo collection of outdoor/indoor performance fabrics is woven in Biella, Italy, and features elements of Italian flair with an American eye toward color. Key elements of the collection include a mix of stylish graphics and colorful multi-layered patterns coupled with bold, vibrant textures. The collection’s color palette was inspired by the beauty found in natural elements such as sun-drenched hues, lush grasslands, cool waters, and rich earth tones. Fabrics in the line include Maestro Moonstone, Murano Moonstone, Acapella Moonstone, Maestro Gulf and Diamante Gulf.

“With Bel Mondo, we have pushed the envelope on the use of color, showing there are no boundaries,” Jimison said. “Designs that originate in Europe are being quickly assimilated into the American market.”

In terms of overall color trends, Tempotest is predicting the popularity of deep ink shades that will in some ways replace black with green, gray, and blue. Looking further into the future, the company’s designers are predicting the popularity of emerald green, again based on the colors of nature found in precious stones and vegetation. Also on the Tempotest future cast is yellow, inspired by 19th century palaces of Rome and hidden courtyards of Milan; Tempotest predicts that yellow hues will be popular in accessories, furnishings, and furniture.

For patterns, the Tempotest forecast includes a kaleidoscope of geometric designs, intricate optical geometries, romantic hand-painted flowers, naïf jungles, and brocades.

“The constructions of performance fabrics for the casual market are becoming increasingly complex,” Jimison said. “Consumers are drawn to the luxurious feel of texture for their outdoor fabrics, and a more complex hand will be a key factor. We’re creating texture not only through the use of innovative yarns and fabric constructions, but also with the innovative use of color.”

Another major trend forecast from Parà and Tempotest is a return to the creativity and craftsmanship of ages past. “From art to industry, the inventiveness of mankind over centuries of time in Europe and America will be reflected in textile creations,” Jimison said. “While inspirations for new generations of fabrics will come from the past, these designs will be carried forward in textile creations made possible by today’s advanced technologies.”

Echo – Aegean

Stillwater – Papaya

Maytime – Papaya

Pescador – Papaya

Nature, Architecture, History, and More Inspire Pindler Fabrics

When it comes to inspired fabric collections, influences found in fabrics from Pindler are virtually unrivaled. From nature to architecture and from history to ageless craftsmanship, Pindler’s collections continue as style and taste trendsetters.

Exclusive Sunbelievable Collection – The Exclusive Sunbelievable™ Collection from Pindler is a selection of modern, vibrant colors perfect for any indoor or outdoor setting. Woven from solution-dyed acrylic and polyester yarns to be fade-resistant and easy to clean, this collection offers a myriad of bright and fresh colorways.

“We’re pleased to share this incredible new indoor and outdoor collection to the design trade,” said Sarah Williamson, design manager of Pindler. “The Exclusive Sunbelievable Collection combines two major design trends – fresh and bright colorways and performance fabrics – both in high demand within the marketplace. We’re excited to present this collection that our design team has worked so hard to create.”

Patterns in the Exclusive Sunbelieveable Collection include Echo, which is a midscale geometric, modern design with surface dimension made of fine and boucle yarns. The Stillwater pattern is a midscale shibori tie dye design that offers transitional appeal and bold color. Maytime is small scale, geometric tile design, while Pescador is a small scale, nautical design with a playful fish motif.

Architexture – Architex – Green

Architexture – NYC – Skyline

Architexture by Richard Frinier – Designed by the internationally recognized designer Richard Frinier, the Architexture Collection echoes architectural design elements found in surface and façade design.

“I became inspired by the growing architectural movement that involves the surfacing and resurfacing of buildings around the world,” Frinier said. “Captivated by the many unique layers and materials, such as metals, glass, concrete and other new and repurposed materials, I created blueprints of photographs of buildings and translated them into textiles.” 

Architectural impressions continued to manifest throughout Frinier’s design process and the result is a versatile range of textiles with distinctive constructions, textures, patterns, and colors.

Pendleton Collection by Sunbrella – Pendleton by Sunbrella includes 44 patterns and is grounded by four hero patterns: Lahaina, Eagle Rock, Canyonlands, and Zapotec.

“This collection was brought to life through the combination of two heritage brands, calling upon Pendleton Woolen Mills’ distinct aesthetic and Sunbrella fabrics’ enduring performance qualities to recreate classic American patterns,” Williamson said. “Pendleton owns and operates weaving mills in Oregon and Washington, and the process to produce these fabrics is under the watchful eyes of Pendleton craftsmen.”

The Pendleton Collection by Sunbrella unfolds across American history. The Lahaina pattern combines traditional tribal-influenced designs from the Hawaiian main island with blue and turquoise representing the beaches near Lahaina, Maui. The Eagle Rock pattern incorporates Native American design elements and weaving traditions of the Southwest.

Canyonlands uses a modern ombré weave to create rich layers that mimic the movement of sunlight dancing across the canyons. Zapotec gets its name from the Zapotec Indians of Oaxaca, Mexico, who established a tradition of weaving colorful cloths using natural dyes from plants and animals. The pattern features classic geometric designs and elegant simplicity.

Pendleton – Lahaina – Turquoise

Pendleton – Zapotec – Adobe

Phifer Focuses on Bold Colors and Modern Styling for Phifertex and GeoBella

Phifer’s 2018-2019 Outdoor Color Collections focus on brilliant colors and classically modern patterns that appeal to today’s layered outdoor decorating style. New design and color directions illustrate how Phifertex for sling furniture coordinates with GeoBella for woven deep seating.

“We are bridging the latest color and pattern designs while pairing these new introductions with tried and true best sellers,” said Monica Thornton, Phifer Design director. “We look to evolve consumers into unchartered yet relevant territory with seven new energetic and diverse palettes that explode with color and tap into consumers’ ever changing expectations.”

GeoBella – Under the Sea – Amazon – Teal

GeoBella – Under the Sea – Artesian Stripe – Teal

GeoBella – Under the Sea – Shatter – Teal

GeoBella – Grand Arrival – Kiki – Burnt Orange

GeoBella – Grand Arrival – Carson – Oxblood

Grand Arrival – Amalfi – Desert

GeoBella – Dawn and Dusk – Eaton – Muscadine

GeoBella – Dawn and Dusk – Joplin – Onyx

  • Blue Mood – Phifer’s Blue Mood Collection boasts bold color and modern styling for trend savvy consumers. Brilliant cobalt pairs with black and bright white, all of which are inspired by technology and high fashion menswear.
  • Easy Breezy – The Easy Breezy Collection features coastal, sun-washed hues that appeal to the young at heart. Vibrant punches of citron and coral transform dreary spaces, while spearmint and Persian blue reflect playful and effortless living.
  • Looking West – Inspired by natural elements, Phifer’s Looking West Collection is an expression of complementary hues. Softly rustic citrus pearl and surf blue reflect relaxed living while slate blue and burnt orange speak to natural wonders and landscape extremes.
  • Evergreen Oasis – Phifer’s Evergreen Oasis Collection boasts a botanically-inspired palette that symbolizes growth, awareness, and renewal. A new color introduction, evergreen, is a deeper, bluer green.
  • Under the Sea – Appealing to those who crave deep and brilliant jewel tones, Phifer’s Under the Sea Collection evokes deep-water mystery. New color introductions of spearmint, marine aqua, and deep-sea blue intermingle to create unexplored variations of blue-green. Pearlescent accents give this seductive palette a shimmering natural elegance. Phifertex includes wicker and jacquard patterns ranging from soft monochromatic to deep-sea blues. GeoBella fabrics span from a large-scale modern stripe to jacquards ranging from navy and white to a tropical leaf.
  • Grand Arrival – Creating a powerful first impression, Phifer’s Grand Arrival Collection welcomes modern colors ranging from oxblood red to envelop outdoor spaces to touches of globally-influenced burnt orange and golden dune to create a balance of old and new. Phifertex includes a subtly textured micro plaid, while GeoBella breaks new ground with offerings that range from ikat-inspired patterning to Japanese flooring and fretwork.
  • Dawn and Dusk – The mineral-inspired Dawn and Dusk Collection highlights gray and complex hues influenced by this contemporary neutral. A near-black introduction, charcoal provides a softly contrasting backdrop for lighter neutrals. Look for Phifertex in an asymmetric graphic pattern, while GeoBella is featured in offerings as diverse as a traditional ornamental design with a soft paisley feel.

“With so many colors and styles in our collections, our goal is to offer fabrics that appeal to diverse consumer groups,” Thornton said. “While neutrals and blue tones continue as the most popular overall, we are striving for unexpected, eye-catching fabrics that are also livable and safe for consumers. Mid-century styles continue to be important for us, and geometrics have become very mainstream. Our newest obsession has been the mini plaid and the vertical rib that we’re creating in our sling product lines.”

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